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29 February 2012

RileksCrew Godam FB Group Gay Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – Gay groups in Malaysia are currently seen very active on the social network Facebook through various associations and club.
Based on mynewshub.my survey today, there is an association that named themselves as ‘Persatuan Gay Malaysia Kebangsaan’.
This association is also bold in using the country’s emblem on their symbol.
The association has a total of 8,533 people who  ‘like’ the page. It also became a place where gay people find new acquaintances from in and out of the country, besides socializing among themselves.
Such Facebook page become a platform for the gay community to find partners, discuss and promote themselves.
Some even leave their handphone numbers for contact.
However, not all Facebook users ‘like’ this association’s Facebook account are people who involved in homosexual activities.
In fact there are those who criticize and insinuate gay groups on the association’s  wall.
It is believed that the Persatuan Gay Malaysia Kebangsaan is not the only Malaysian gay association on Facebook.
The following are several gay associations and clubs believed to based in Malaysia:
1.       Persatuan Gay Malaysia Kebangsaan
2.       Terengganu Gay Club
3.       Persatuan Blogger-Blogger Gay Malaysia
4.       Persatuan Gay Berkumpulan
5.       Persatuan Belia Gay Malaysia
6.       Persatuan Gay Malaysia
7.       Persatuan Gay Melayu
8.       Persatuan Gay Perak
9.       Persatuan Gay Sejati
10.   Persatuan The Gay
11.   Persatuan Gay Berwibawa ILPKL
12.   Persatuan Gay Club (PGC)
13.   Persatuan Gay Serantau
14.   Persatuan Lesbian dan Gay SeMalaysia
15.   Persatuan Gay SeMalaysia (PGS)
Previously the media often reported gay group activities which are increasingly growing, especially in the Klang Valley.
This syndrome was reputed increasingly widespread among men who purportedly failed to get a girlfriend or had been disappointed by women.
Also reputed to be factors are positions and high income earned by women today.
Women’s position is deemed to affect the men’s ego until causing them to choose to be involve in the gay world.
While the gay groups using Facebook as a field to interact one internet hacker group who call themselves RileksCrew have warned the gay associations and clubs.
RileksCrews warned that they would hack this group’s Facebook accounts.
Until recently, Terengganu Gay Club was successfully hacked by the RileksCrew group by leaving a note on the Club’s Facebook webpage:
“This Page Been HACKED By RileksCrew, Please Do Not Country Name For Gayers Club… We Will Remove This Page.. !!”.
There is a possibility that many other Facebook accounts related to gay group activities in Malaysia will be hacked by this group soon.

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