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07 February 2012

New Blackberry Empathy, with Biometric Ring (PICS)

Building the best out of the new direction, designers are acting on various portable gadgets that bonds a favorable platform for social networking not only within the our boulders but on the act as well. The “Blackberry Empathy” by designer Daniel Yoon is an equivalent phone design that apart from average lingual communication further affirms the consumer to go through the behaviors and updates of their friends, while learning the emotional aspect, applying a biometric ring, of the wearer.

Imagine delivering your emotions not directly, but via the ring we mentioned. How cool is that? BlackBerry Empathy bonds the consumer straight away to sites such FaceBook and MySpace for fast messaging and status updates. The gadget also arrives with proximity sensors, authorizing you to determine the emotions of the folks nearby through an emotion arrange with a visible timeline.Empathy uses adjustable keys, a crystal-clear tactile keyboard and a adaptable OLED display, plus a HUD (heads up display). The keypad on this phone can adjust color according to the user’s emotions, that are felt through messages, phones calls and biometric sensors. Does this late-breaking catch on social networking alert you, or do you find the idea appealing?

Credit to RIM & Daniel Yoon

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