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02 February 2012

Laugh & Gag (part1)

 My ex said, "You'll never find anyone like me."
 I replied, "That's the point."

 When someone says "It's getting hot in here" 
I automatically think, "So take off all your clothes".

 Police Officer: "How high are you?"
 Pothead: "No officer, it's "Hi, How are you?"

 At a restaurant: "Would you like a table?"
 "No, not at all. I came here to eat on the floor. Carpet for 5 please."

 I wish you could Google anything. Like, "Where is my phone?"
 and it would be like, "It's under the couch, dumbass."

 #<( ‘-’< ) I was going to give you this waffle,
 ( >’-’ )># but then I was like, 
( >’#'< ) I’m hungry 
( >’-'< ) so I ate it.

Source: OnlyWhatsGood & LaughBook

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